About voiceOK

Sometimes we just want to hear their voice, this is why voiceOK was created.


Where it all began

In 2015 I was given my great great aunties diaries from the 1930s, 1940s, the small diaries had entries for almost every day, normally a sentence or two.

Reading the content of these diaries and having memories from childhood of my great great auntie, I wished I could have heard these entries in her voice. She passed away over 20 years ago in a different technological time. Having searched VHS tapes from the 90s I could only find 5 words of her speaking.

It got me thinking who in my life today do I wish I could hear again and also what about myself. I have spoken at conferences, been a guest on podcasts and have more family videos on my phone all previous generations. BUT do I have enough recordings of my voice for my great great great grandchildren to hear how I sound or to hear a bedtime story in the future read by me.

Lee Mallon (Founder)