Ensuring memories are preserved.

We all have memories of those special moments when a loved one has shared a memory they have with us. The way they captivated you with a story they were remembering from a place of passion.

The story that is retold hundreds of times at family gathering but still makes you smile anyway.


What story would you love to here

With Keepsake you decide the questions your family member or friend answer and record for you. What have you always wanted to know? What story would you love to here again? Which memory do you desire to share with the next generation?


Sharing with those you love

Once the Keepsake has been completed, you can listen to all the recordings securely in voiceOK. You can also invite other loved ones (you control who has access) to join the Keepsake and share the memories further.

Subscription coming soon

We are currently testing Keepsake with a small group of people, if you would like to join our testing programme please email [email protected].